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The IQRA Library operates under the umbrella of the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis with both volunteers and employees.

With 500 patrons, there is no doubt that this place will continue to serve us for generations to come. There are 8,000-cataloged items, and we continue to add to our collection and take suggestions to aid the individual in the pursuit of Islamic education and research. The Iqra library has provided and will continue to provide educational programs to the community, including; healthy living, diabetes, dental care, CPR, Stem Cell research, and drug safety.

The Iqra Library also has a weekly Islamic Studies class, presented by Dr. Mohamed Hafeez Rahman, and classes for understanding Islam (for new and non-Muslims) presented by Aftab Ahmad.

With youth group classes held by Mufti Asif Umar, the Muslim Youth of St. Louis (MYSTL) storytelling every Saturday, interfaith group meetings, and Muslim scholars always available to help answer questions the Iqra Library makes sure to keep the community together and well-informed.

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