Get Ready for Tarbiyyah Summer Camp 2019!

We are excited to present Tarbiyyah Summer Camp, a collaboration between Al Salam Day
School, Jannah Institute, and Darul Quran. Our program runs from 6/17-7/31, 9am-2pm, and is
open to children ages 7-15.

Tarbiyyah Summer Camp has two important goals, as implied by its name:
1. to foster love, knowledge, and dedication to the Islamic faith in our youth
2. to offer a fun, interactive environment that supports their Islamic identity

We will be offering several sessions:
I. Quran: students will be grouped according to their reading ability
II. Arabic: students will be group according to their writing ability
III. Tarbiyyah: students will be grouped according to age-level and learn important tenets of our
faith as well as learn how to strengthen their connection to Allah SWT
IV. Extra-curricular: students will be able to choose between STEM/Coding, Creative Writing,
and Leadership
V. Recreational: students will be able to choose between Sports, Indoor Play, and Drama

Additionally, we will be organizing weekly outdoor trips to local destinations as appropriate for
each age-group. Some of these trips include a nature hike at Candlewood State Park and
rafting on the Meramec River.

InshaAllah we hope to offer an exciting, adventurous, and Deen-filled experience to the children
of our community. Interested parties may pick up registration forms from both the ECC and ADS
offices, or may email

JazakumAllah khair,
Salma T. Wahdy
Principal, Tarbiyyah Summer Camp