School Lunch

Does Al-Salam Day School serve hot lunches to students?

Yes. Al-Salam Day School (ADS) serves hot lunches five days a week. The lunch menu changes from month to month. Please view your “Lunch Menu” under Calendars & Directories on your Orbund menu to view the lunch menu for each month. Hot lunches are served in the Early Childhood Center (ECC) as well.

Are these lunches halal?

Yes! One of the perks of sending your child to an Islamic private school is having the peace of mind in knowing your child will never be served food or snacks that are not Halal. We pay special attention to all food that is served from Al-Salam Day School and make certain that the food is certified Halal.

How can my child pay for their hot lunch?

Students cannot pay in cash in our cafeteria. Our lunch staff is limited and must focus solely on serving lunch to our students in a timely manner.

Parents of ADS & ECC students can purchase pre-paid lunch cards from Ustath Issam in the main office of ADS. Lunch cards can be purchased for one day or multiple days. For single day lunch purchases to be used on the same day, lunch cards should be purchased before 9 am to be included in that day’s lunch count. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a child with a hot lunch from the cafeteria without being paid in advance.

Can my child bring lunch to school?

Absolutely! We suggest bringing items that already have eating utensils, if needed. Also, although there is a microwave available for use, we do not recommend students bring lunches that need to be heated, as those students tend to get caught in a lengthy line for the microwave which interferes with their lunch time.

What if my child forgot to take their lunch bag to school?

Parents who have to bring lunch bags to school after 8 am are asked to bring the lunch in a bag, marked with the student’s full name and grade, to the front desk in the main office for safety reasons and to minimize classroom disruption. InshaAllah, an ADS staff member will make sure your child receives their lunch on time.

My child has an allergy. How do I maximize their safety?

If your child has an allergy, we advise that you inform your child’s homeroom teacher of the allergy as soon as possible. If medication needs to be administered in case of an allergic reaction, you should also fill out a medication administration form (that can be provided by the homeroom teacher or main office staff). This gives staff and homeroom teacher the information and consent needed to administer medication.

Can my child bring in a snack for his/her classmates?

Students can bring in snacks for their class with the approval of the homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher will first seek the approval of the administration and make sure the item brought in is Halal and safe for consumption. The homeroom teacher will then let you know of the decision.