Encouraging Students to Read

Every year, we encourage students to increase their reading by holding book fairs through Scholastic. Scholastic provides us with materials to make it an exciting and memorable experience at the same caliber that public schools provide.  We make sure that before students are introduced the array of books, we have a diverse and appropriate collection that adheres to Islamic ruling.  Multiple teachers give their time to sort through books to check for anything inappropriate to make sure our students are not being pulled into any vulgarity.  We also make sure to reach out to parents that they keep up with the reading materials that students purchase to help build a stronger learning experience


Scholastic at ECC

Al Salam Day School also holds fairs at ECC to allow our little ones to begin their reading journey early on.  This is a great resource for parents to purchase books and activities for their young ones and enjoy at home.

Scholastic & ADS

Through Scholastic, we are able to hold fun events involving parents and children to get excited about reading new books and coming up with reading lists.

Everything purchased through Scholastic benefits the school.  It’s the perfect union between books, schools, kids, and parents!


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