Guidance Counselor

Al Salam Day School proudly offers professional counseling services for its students. Over the years, students from all grades have benefited from our Guidance Counselor. Students and parents are able to meet with the counselor by requesting an appointment. You can email to request an appointment form.

Request An Appointment

To request an appointment, you can either stop by the front office and request a form, or email and we will promptly send you one.

What Does Our Guidance Counselor Do?

Our Counselor does many things from having periodic sessions with elementary students, teaching important developmental skills, and also works very closely with Secondary students. Career management is an important class taught to High School students where we prepare them for the real world, including college, professional skills, and guiding individual students towards a successful academic path.

Counseling & Student Guidance

When students are in need of help, they can seek advice from the counselor. If needed, regular sessions can be scheduled, depending on the student’s needs. We have a separate office = for privacy and confidentiality for student affairs. We have strict rules to make sure the student’s integrity is our first priority.

Programs and Events

We have special programs and events led by our Counselor which are designed to teach and guide students in terms of self-development, academic development, and Islamic Identity.