Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What are the school hours?

ADS school doors open for students at 7:30 am and assembly begins at 7:45 am. ADS dismissal time is 3:30 pm.

ECC school doors open at 7:45 am (7:30 am for Daycare) and instructional time begins at 8:00 am. ECC dismissal time is 3:15 pm (Daycare lasts until 5:00 pm).
Summer Hours: 9 am-4 pm

2.) Is lunch served at ADS?

Hot lunches are served at ADS and the ECC. For more information, view school lunch.

3.) What are monthly PLC/Late start days?

A professional learning community (PLC) is an extended learning opportunity to foster collaborative learning among colleagues within a particular work environment or field. It is often used in schools as a way to organize teachers into working groups.

On the first Wednesday of every month, as noted on your academic calendar, teachers and staff attend PLCs from 7:30 am-9:30 am. ADS opens itdoors to students at 9:30 am.

4.) Is after school care available?

Al-Salam Day school:

Al-Salam Day School students who are not picked up on time (by 3:50 pm) will be sent to After-Care on the upper level of ADS, in room #204.

The parent/guardian picking up the student(s) will be charged a fee, as stated in your child(ren)’s 2015-2016 registration forms.

Please note, if your child is enrolled in one of Dar-Ul-Islam’s after-school Quran programs located in Dar-Ul-Islam, which is unaffiliated with Al-Salam Day School, that program is fully responsible for the child, not Al-Salam Day School.

Early childhood center:

After-school care is available to all ECC students until 5:00 pm. Parents can either enroll their child in regular after-school care or call the ECC in advance to let us know that their child(ren) will need to be placed in after-school care for that day, in case a child cannot be picked up on time.

Students who are not picked up during dismissal time are automatically placed in Daycare until the child is picked up. Parents will then receive a bill for this service.

5.) How can I receive important school news & announcements?

  • ADS Weekly Newsletters: You can subscribe to our weekly newsletters by visiting the homepage of our website and finding the subscription box near the bottom of the page. These newsletters keep parents apprised of upcoming events, news, and programs they and their children can take part in. It’s all very useful information!
  • Text Alerts: You can also receive important announcements via text messaging. Sign up with our text messaging service here. Visit our home page and sign up to receive announcements, such as when school is canceled due to inclement weather, directly to your phone.
  • Orbund: Finally, we send important announcements from Orbund, our school’s information management system. When you enroll your child(ren) in ADS or the ECC, you automatically receive an account username and password. Through this system, you can communicate with teachers and the administration, view student grades, progress reports and report cards, and view announcements from teachers. The principal and administration will also post annoucements and send emails to you through this service. If you are having trouble logging in or have lost your username and/or password, please contact ads@alsalamdayschool.org.

6.) How do I order new uniforms for my son/daughter?

Information for how to order new uniforms can be found here.
7.) Where do I get an academic calendar?

You can find one here! When the academic calendar for the new year is available, parents will receive a newsletter with a copy of the calendar, the calendar will be posted on our website, and extra copies will be available in the main offices of ADS and the ECC.

8.) Is financial aid available?

Yes, financial aid is available for those who qualify. Financial aid forms are available in the main office of ADS and parents/guardians must be able to provide proof of income. Financial applications submitted early are encouraged as funds allocated for financial aid are limited. Confidential sponsorship is also available and, again, early submissions allow for sponsorships to begin for those in need.

Expect to pay something: private school is a partnership between school and family In the spirit of partnership between school, student, and family, when a school makes a financial commitment to support a student, it wants to see a similar promise from a family. This establishes a shared seriousness and common bond. Even if your family qualifies and receives a substantial aid package, be prepared to pay something.

Ultimately, the decision to reward a family is based on financial need and approval comes from the ADS Board. Although the financial aid process can be time consuming and requires much attention to detail, do not be discouraged from applying and do not give up. Be honest and accurate, and please ask us any questions you may have. To be accepted for review, an applicant must submit ALL REQUIRED ITEMS as listed. Applications submitted prior to April 1, 2016 will receive priority, however submitting an application does not guarantee approval of Financial Aid.

10.) Where can I view the parent/student handbook?

A copy of the handbook is the first category found under the “Parent” menu on our website or by clicking here. Please review the handbook to familiarize yourself with ADS policies.