Infant Supply List 2019-2020

ADS Early Childhood Center

Infant Supply List  2019-2020

Each child will have a small container that can accommodate the items they need for each day. Please make sure you bring only items that will fit in their designated space. We will wash blankets and clothing if you sign the laundry release. Bottles will be washed and sanitized  at the end of each day. As we strive to provide a clean and healthy environment for our children, any donations are welcomed anytime.

Infants’ Supply List:1-18 months.

1-2 Swaddles (if your child still needs to be swaddled)

1-2 SleepSacks (preferred for a young infant to a young toddler)

1-2 Blankets (12 months and older)

Diapers (reminder will be sent out before we run out)

Diaper Cream (will be applied as needed)

Formula or Breast Milk (bring extra frozen breast milk if you are nursing)

2-3 Bottles (will be kept at the school)

3 Extra Outfits (child will be changed as needed)

Baby Wipes (2 packages for part-time, 4 packages for full-time monthly)

2 boxes of Kleenex tissue

Cereal (if needed)

Jar Food (if needed)

Table Food (or finger food) for Breakfast

Lunch, & Snack (only healthy food and fresh fruit for each meal)

Lunch Box (to transport meals and snacks)

2 Packs of Printing Paper

$10 Cash for Classroom Supplies

*Please make sure all items are labeled with your child’s name! (Please mar the bottles too).

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