Board Leadership

Chair – Br Salman Syed

Br Salman Syed has been a part of the St Louis community for the last 5 years. He works with like minded teams towards the betterment of Islamic Education. He has worked with a number of Islamic organizations before, in different capacities, with the primary objective of improving the offerings of Islamic institutions including Islamic Education. His primary areas of focus are, applying standards in all the realms of education and establishing robust governance in all facets of administration. He is a technologist and a data geek by profession.

Co-Chair – Dr Syed Khaja Hussain

Dr. Syed Khaja Hussain has been part of St Louis community for the  last sixteen years.  He is the chairman of the Majlis Al Shura of the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis and a member of the shura for the last 9  years; He has also served as General Secretary of Islamic Foundation and past chair of Social Services committee. He serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Head Injury Services of St Louis.

Vice-Chair – Sr Jaime Dodd (Strategy and Policy adviser – Early Childhood Education)

Dr. Jaime Dodd specializes in the study and implementation of Montessori theory and philosophy in educational settings. She holds a Doctorate in the Behavioral and Developmental Processes of Children and Adolescents from the University of Missouri and has invested the past twenty years in advancing and promoting Montessori Education. Jaime has one daughter, Dani, currently a doctoral candidate at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, whom she credits for her introduction to Islam. Jaime took the Shahadah in the Spring of 2015.

Br Abdelouahab Amor (Religious and Academic adviser)

Br Amor is one of the pioneers of Islamic Community in St Louis. He has served in various capacities through out the years, to further Islamic Education in St Louis and surrounding communities. He works as a professor at St Louis Community College and teaches the intricacies of electronic networks. He serves as a Religious and Academic Adviser on the ADS school board.

Br Usman Majid (Technology and Operational excellence)

Br Usman is our newest board member and currently serves on the shura of the Islamic Foundation of Greater St Louis. He comes with a very extensive IT background and provides insights in improving technology footprint, optimizing operations,  and logistics at ADS.