Parent-Volunteers help organize Al-Salam Day School events and programs, giving our students in Daycare through 10th grade the environment they need and deserve. Parents who volunteer are making a commitment to invest their personal time into our school. We value you and ask that you seek an area where you can best showcase your strengths in bettering our school.

Bring in a signed copy of the Confidentiality, Care, & Commitment Agreement and select areas where you feel you can be most helpful on the Parent-Volunteer Sign-Up sheet.
You can download a copy of these documents here. You can also pick up copies from Al-Salam Day School and the Early Childhood Center.

Parent Association

descriptions of the programs/events on the parent-volunteer sign up sheet


  • Scholastic Book Fair (fall/spring):
    Help organize and/or sell scholstic books and items from scholastic to students at our fair. The more we sell, the more scholastic dollars Al-Salam Day School earns. The amount we raise helps purchase books for other
  • Boxtops/Label for Education
  • Bake Sale
  • Student Lunch Sale
  • Chand Raat
  • Yearbook
  • Spring Bazaar
  • Eid Store
  • Snack Sale
  • Food Drive
  • Student Fundraising (Dominos, Coin Drive)


  • International Day
  • PreK & KG Graduation
  • ADS Awards Ceremony
  • Ice Skating
  • Pi Day
  • Science Fair
  • ADS Fundraiser
  • Field Day
  • Eid Celebration
  • Breakfasts
  • Spirit Week
  • Spring Open House
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Event
  • Bagels for Teachers

Classroom Helpers:

  • Room Parent-Classroom lead
  • Room Parent-Class helper
  • Field Trip

Other Opportunities:

  • Early Childhood Center Reception
  • IOWA Test proctor
  • ADS office aide
  • Library
  • Lunch room monitor
  • Recess Monitor
  • Lunch room prep/server
  • Career Guide (Describe your Career)
  • Health Service (eye, ear, etc.)
  • After School activities/clubs