Al Salam Day School West  (ADS West)

ADS West is the main campus where all central office management occurs.  Our principal is available for scheduled appointments at this campus for all parents.

We have grades 1-12 where we have a carefully crafted curriculum that parallels the Parkway curriculum that is followed in our residing district.

At Al-Salam Day School, we have key main features for our students that parents are looking for:

  • Islamic Culture
  • Academic integrity
  • Creative advancement
  • Extracurricular activities

There is no shortage in what we provide nor are there any limitations.  If there is a particular expressed interest in students and parents for us to provide something like sports activities, we strive to implement it and work with the parents and students to provide what they’re looking for.

In short, ADS prepares students for universities and instills Islamic intellectuality and identity.