Our schools are committed to providing students with an excellent academic education and creating a school culture where students feel safe, respected and motivated to reach for Ihsan (excellence) in all aspects of their lives.

At our fully accredited schools, our goal is to foster happy, intelligent, well-adjusted children, who not only absorb the Islamic and academic teachings, but carry a life-long love of Islamic and academic learning into the real world and represent the best of our society, inshaAllah. Here you will find a nurturing educational and Islamic environment for children 6 weeks through grade 12. We recognize that each child has unique talents and learning styles. Our highly qualified, certified, and experienced teachers and staff are committed to working with each child to ensure optimal social, emotional, religious and educational results.

If you were to take a personal tour of our school, in one classroom you might see fourth grade buddies reading with the first graders. In the science lab, students might be conducting an experiment on photosynthesis or graphing math problems in pie charts and bar graphs in our state-of-the-art computer lab. You would undoubtedly see students problem solving using SMART Board technology in the classroom or listening intently as a Deen teacher tells one of the stories of our prophets.

Our school is alive with vibrant faculty, energized students, and committed and caring parents.